Brendan P. Sipple | Hometown: Austin, Texas | Age:20 

Texas Native, Brendan P. Sipple, is a professional motocross athlete. Brendan has achieved many victories aboard his motorcycle and continues to excel. However, Brendan's journey has not been easy. Aside from training countless hours, he has had to overcome personal adversity. However, in times of despair, Brendan has managed to persevere and overcome. As a team member of Premier Sports Outlet, Brendan exemplifies commitment and passion for motocross.

James Williams | Hometown: Lincoln, California| Age:24

Unlike most motocross athletes, James did not grow up riding motorcycles. It wasn't until he was in his early twenties that he threw a leg over a dirt bike. However, within a month of owning a motorcycle, James was lining up to race. Today, no one would believe that he has only been riding for a year. James is racing every series he can and is improving each round. His determination and hard work ethic is a clear representation of what Premier Sports Outlet stands for. 

Jimmy Bartu | Hometown: Alpine, California | Age:17

Local ripper, Jimmy Bartu is an adrenaline driven athlete who is motivated to reach his goals. Jimmy's hard work ethic and competitive attitude has proven to be effective and has allowed him to progress his skill at a fast rate. 

Kuba Bardecki | Hometown: Auburn, California| Age:18

For team athlete, Kuba Bardecki, there is no better feeling than finding your flow at the track. In addition, Kuba knows that in order to find that flow, you must put in the effort off of the track. For that reason, Kuba trains relentlessly everyday so that his body can endure the hard laps that are put in during his motos at the track. Although Kuba has sustained injuries during the last few years, he has not allowed them to put him down. On the contrary, he is more determined than ever to persevere and reach his goals. 

Eric Sexton | Hometown: Lodi, California | Age:17 

Motocross is a very physical and mentally demanding sport. It requires endurance, strength, and dedication. California ripper, Eric Sexton knows this very well. Since the age of four, he has been riding and racing motocross. Today, at only 17 years old, he has accomplished many milestones in his racing career. 

Grant Gauthier | Hometown: San Diego, California | Age:13

On any typical day, Grant Gauthier can be found shredding at the local skate park. His fearless attitude has allowed him to master new tricks and excel in the sport of scootering. One thing that sets Grant apart from other athletes, is his determined mindset. He never gives up and is always pushing the limits of the sport. 


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